Try out this original formula that combines the pleasure of running and the excitement of discovering some of the more obscure sights in the Metropolis of Troyes Champagne region !

 The concept of the heritage mountain

A tourist trail of 42.195 km (the official marathon distance) across roads and unsurfaced paths through The Metropolis of Troyes Champagne, accompanied by some high-standard pacers (8/9 km/h) and punctuated by numerous guided tours of original, exotic sights along the way.

The circuit, including stops along the way, lets visitors discover fifteen or so sites, in the company of professionals with a passion for the subject.

Originality : However well you perform, only the ancestral sporting values should prevail: sharing, conviviality and the pleasure of discovering the local heritage.

Runners with short strides will get about more quickly than during a conventional guided tour. This race grants runners access to sites that would otherwise be completely unknown, and these sites offer a broader panorama of life in the Metropolis of Troyes Champagne region.

It's not about setting a speed record! On the contrary: the order of the day is ‘discoveries and conviviality in motion’!