The Aube Fishing Federation 

The Aube Fishing and Water Protection Federation, founded in 1904, is a charitable association constituted in accordance with the provisions of the French Law of 1 July 1901.
Legally mandated with a duty in the public interest, the Federation is classified as an establishment of public utility and is certified for the protection of nature and the environment.

FAube Fishing and Water Protection Federation - 89 rue de la Paix - 10000 TROYES
public opening hours :  8h30 - 12h  13h30 - 16h45
Phone : - E-mail : - Website :

It is responsible for :

  • Protecting aquatic environments, promoting them and monitoring the fishing spots in Aube;
  • Supporting and reuniting the 32 certified fishing and water protection associations (AAPPMA) in the department;
  • Giving its opinion to interested authorities on any development of aquatic environments;
  • Carrying out campaigns to promote fishing as a leisure activity and to inform and educate people on protecting aquatic environments and fish stocks by performing all necessary work and interventions to promote the latter.

All About the Aube Fishing Federation