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First of all, the title of Master Restaurateur is the only title issued .by the French State to recognise traditional French cuisine!

Master Restaurateur

The Master Restaurateur is a restaurateur by trade with a tried and tested professional experience, a commitment to professional cuisine using raw ingredients, largely unfrozen, and using short supply circuits. The title is awarded by the prefect following an audit verification. It is a procedure followed voluntarily by the professional in question and renewed every 4 years.

What does “homemade” mean ?

“Homemade” is a term used to describe a dish when that dish is manufactured within the establishment from raw products. The title of Master Restaurateur guarantees that the entire menu is homemade from unprocessed products, essentially unfrozen.

In both cases, the relevant decrees stipulate derogations or derogatory products according to three principles:

For homemade products, derogations include products that customers do not expect the restaurateur to manufacture, such as hams, sausages and cheeses.

They also include products for which the manufacture imposes technical or hygienic procedures that mean they are nearly impossible to make for some professionals, such as brown sauces, chicken stock and fish stock.

In addition, for Master Restaurateurs who work with products that are both raw and unfrozen, derogations apply for products that cannot be supplied unfrozen.

Master Restaurateur and “homemade” - what does it all mean?

Master Restaurateur A qualified professional dedicated to respecting over 30 criteria : certified homemade cooking;e good-quality service, plates and decoration, etc. It is a qualification issued by the French State based on an audit carried out by an independent body. This distinction allows customers to identify the finest establishments.
“Homemade”. This icon is used solely to identify the dishes on the menu that are made on the premises from unprocessed, fresh products

List of Master Restaurateurs

    5 place Charles de Gaulle 10150 PONT SAINTE MARIE
    Tél. :  03 25 80 90 99
    Victor BRAGA
    26 avenue GALLIENI 10300 SAINTE SAVINE
    tél. : 03 25 74 83 93
    Bernard BOUTITON
    8 rue Champeaux 10000 TROYES
    tél. : 03 25 40 00 88
    28 rue de la République - 10150  CRENEY-PRÈS-TROYES
    tél. : 03 25 81 08 54
    boulevard Carnot 10000 TROYES
    tél. : 03 25 73 19 99
    Gilles ANDRE
    35 rue paillot de Montabert 10000 TROYES
    tél. : 03 25 73 14 14
    Daniel VIOIX
    14 rue de Turenne 10000 TROYES
    tél. : 03 25 41 11 09
    Damien REMY
    29 place Alexandre Israel 10000 TROYES

How and why do you become a master restaurateur ?

Why become a master restaurateur ?

The restaurant business is an open activity and there are no mandatory qualifications required in order to work in it.
Anyone can open a restaurant, especially nowadays, when the food industry offers a wide variety of finished or semi-finished products that you can use without needing to know how to cook. The result is that many restaurateurs today buy ready-made products and merely heat them up.

  • The first guarantee from “Master Restaurateurs” to their customers is that they can be sure they are dealing with a genuine chef, either because they have trained as a chef or because their experience has been recognised and validated. Even at this level, this is already an opportunity for the real professionals to make themselves stand out against those who do not know how to cook.
  • The second guarantee is that the establishment is certain to have an entirely homemade menu, made from unprocessed and largely unfrozen products. Plenty of professionals are proud to show off the quality of their products and their expertise. This qualification gives them a clear and intelligible way of promoting themselves.
  • The third reason for getting the qualification is that it is a State qualification, officially awarded by the prefect of the department in question, after having submitted a comprehensive application including an audit performed by an independent body. This qualification is a voluntary procedure accessible to all professionals who meet the specifications. There is no need to be co-opted or sponsored. The charter accepted is not declarative - it is verified and approved. The qualification is renewed via the same procedure every four years.

Today, holding the qualification means proudly displaying a genuine official identity that might not yet be sufficiently familiar to consumers but that will be very soon.

How do you become a Master Restaurateur ?

If a restaurateur deems that his establishment meets specifications, he can request that it be audited by an independent certifying body. He can then submit his application to the prefecture. Following an evaluation and a verification, the qualification of Master Restaurateur may then be awarded by the French State, via the prefect of the department. It is awarded for a period of 4 years.

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