In Troyes, dogs rule!

Friendly, original and new, but also timeless because a permanent creation, the Troyes en Champagne Office of Tourism launched a concept that is completely new in France by creating theFIRST "Toutourisme" (Doggy tourism) Office in France on 04 July 2007 in time for the start of the summer holidays.

This concept is intended for pet owners, in particular dog owners. Do you enjoy owning a dog?... Then the Office of "Toutourisme" is for you!

You will not only be guaranteed a warm welcome in Troyes Tourist Office's offices (a bowl of water is provided for your four-legged friend), but also be given information concerning all the opportunities on offer in the city for our doggy tourist friends.

You will be given the first Guide to Toutourisme in Troyes. As well as a present for Doggy and a host of other surprises.

The Office of "Toutourisme" is also a means of raising awareness with regard to perfect cohabitation between tourists and the city's inhabitants, in particular with regard to cleanliness.

This concept is now being progressively extended to other Tourist Offices in France, in order eventually, to create a unique and friendly national network.