If Doggy decides to tour the city on its own...

Alert your national dog register and give the details of your holiday accommodation.

- Alert the dog pounds as well as the nearest vets.
- Make a declaration of loss at the police station, making it easier to recover your dog from the pound. 

Before leaving :

equip your doggy friend with a disk with your name and mobile phone number. 

A worry-free holiday :

before leaving on holiday, tell your insurer that you are taking your dog with you and your address. Thus any costs will be covered should a problem arise.

When travelling by bus :

Please note: if you want to travel using the Troyes city bus service (T.C.A.T.), please be aware that only small dogs travelling in a bag or basket are permitted, as well as guide dogs.
When travelling by train: If you have a small dog (or if it is another pet, it must weigh less then 6 kg), it can be carried in a bag or closed basket, the dimensions of which must not exceed 45cmx30cmx25cm. In this case you will pay 5.20 euros.
Otherwise you must buy a train ticket for which you will be given a 50% reduction against the full fare per kilometre of a second class ticket, including if you travel in first class.
Once on the train, before finding a seat, ask the other passengers if they mind the presence of a dog.

When travelling by plane :

If your pet weighs less than 5 kg, you can put it in a specially designed bag and it can accompany you in the cabin.
But do warn the airline of its presence when buying your ticket.
If your pet weighs more than 5 kg, it must travel in the hold, in a special cage that you must provide.

When travelling by car :

We recommend feeding your pet several hours before departure.
In your car, your pet must travel in the back, separated from the driver by a screen or net.
We recommend stopping approximately every two hours to let your pet stretch its legs and also have a drink. In the city, always keep your dog on a lead so that it cannot escape or cause an accident.

When out and about :

It is best to avoid the hottest times of day so that your dog does not suffer from heat stroke. Don't forget to give it something to drink regularly. 

Dogs and heatwaves:

Our pets also suffer from the heat. To cool them down, you can bathe them in a bath of cool water or spray them.
Just like you, your dog can benefit from the coolness of a room in the house and a fan.