This is a unique concept aimed at enhancing the welcome given to pet owners and providing them with information during their stay in our city.

It aims to encourage good citizenship by promoting cohabitation between pet owners and the population.

Pet owners will find something to help them enjoy a pleasant holiday while bearing in mind the well-being of everyone. Good citizenship will thus help us ensure that the city remains pleasant for everyone!

Finally, and for the comfort of our thirsty little four-legged friends, a water bowl is provided.

In addition, we offer a magnificent bowl in each pack as well as a feeding guide for pets thanks to our sponsor "30 Millions d’amis" (30 million friends) magazine and our partner Royal Canin.

For its part the City of Troyes provides an "Animo" bag to make moving around the city easier for you and your dog.

"Office du Toutourisme" is a name registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property.