A concept, a spirit.

The spirit of the Ambassador Card is based on the principle of “participative tourism”. Our aim via this concept is to get inhabitants more involved in the promotion and spotlighting of their region, and to encourage them to show a common spirit and enthusiasm in this regard.
In our view, the best way to achieve this is by letting the citizens of the Metropolis of Troyes Champagne rediscover the city’s rich heritage and its tourist and leisure facilities.

Because being familiar with where you live can blind you to the many resources it has to offer, we encourage residents of Troyes and Aube to become spokespeople ready to be cheered and surprised by what they see around themselves. To this end, we have asked a few partners at Troyes Champagne Tourism to award these ambassadors a special status as part of this project.
Feeling welcome and expected on sites, gaining access to exclusive encounters, being the first to know about culture and leisure offers in order to become ambassadors...

A simple system

Below are the different stages involved in holding the Ambassador Card :

  • To begin with, anyone who wants to can come and ask for their “Metropolis of Troyes Champagne Ambassador” Card from Troyes Champagne Tourism.
  • Along with their Card, Ambassadors will receive a document giving details of all the partners of the project and the offer that each of those partners will be making available to them.
Then, the Ambassadors :
  • Visit the sites mentioned in the brochure,
  • Present their card at the entrance to the sites,
  • Enjoy their advantage.
​As the months go on, the network of Ambassadors will receive e-mails containing :
  • Sneak preview information;
  • Exclusive invitations to encounters, exhibition vernissages, visits, workshops and more, organised by the service providers and Troyes Champagne Tourism;
  • Stand-alone offers;
  • And plenty of other surprises...
In other words, not everything is unveiled at the beginning of the campaign, so that the Ambassadors can enjoy the experience of discovering more and more new things as months go by, always as exclusive guests!
Each Ambassador will need to keep a close eye on their inbox and wait for the “Information letter”, which might be hiding an undreamed-of visit, an unexpected encounter, even the perfect event...
You need to register in advance with Troyes Champagne Tourism before attending any event.

Ten good reasons to be an Ambassador...

Get into the spirit as an Ambassador of the Metropolis of Troyes Champagne!

Become an essential part of the city...Come and share your region !

It couldn't be easier: Go to Troyes Champagne Tourism, give them your e-mail address and ask for your personal Ambassador Card and the brochure setting out all the advantages !

Ten good reasons to be an Ambassador...

  1. (Re)discover the treasures of Troyes and its region!
  2. Be the first one to get the latest news from Troyes Champagne Tourism and its partners !
  3. Be a VIP guests at events designed especially for you !
  4. Benefit from a range of advantages at tourist, cultural and leisure locations !
  5. Benefit from numerous ideas for going out at any time of the year !
  6. Put a twinkle in your eye when you talk about your region !
  7. Make your friends and family want to visit time and again !
  8. Meet the other Ambassadors and form new ties !
  9. Invite your friends, family and tourists to discover the extraordinary gem that is our city.
  10. And you get it all for free...

Troyes Champagne Tourism is giving away its Ambassador Cards !