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An unforgettable moment! Alone, with family or friends...

A treasure hunt ? An orienteering course ?

"Cap énigme" transforms the city into a real adventure playground for young and old.

Equipped with your booklet, criss-cross the maze of lanes dating back to the Middle Ages and the little known areas, discover the clues and solve the riddles...

You will find that real treasure is on many different levels and that pleasure for the eyes, sharing, flavours of childhood refound and a unique experience are within the range of everyone and promote a way of exploring our region that is pastoral and different.

Sharpen up your sense of observation, your flair, soak up any clue likely to provide you with a key and set out on an adventure to decipher the riddle set on the first page of your booklet by answering the questions (20 or 21 depending on the booklet you choose).

Which route should you choose? 

  •  The Blue route is the easiest route. It is intended for everyone, and is especially suited to children (from 8-10 years), but also for adults.
  •  The Red route is a little more difficult, and for this reason is mainly intended for teenagers and adults.

These two routes have been designed so that they can be used together. So, one family can buy a red route for the parents and a blue route for the children. All the questions are different but the two routes are the same, use the same locations and develop in very similar environments.

Both booklets are available in English

Where can these booklets be purchased?

"Cap’Enigme Troyes" - 3 euros per booklet

 Time required: Ideally 1h45 to 2h30 but if you are athletic or very interested in Troyes history, the riddle can be solved more quickly.

Troyes Champagne Tourisme
+33 (0)3 25 82 62 70
Office of Tourism shop
16 rue Aristide Briand - 10000 - Troyes
Price : 3€ per book