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For Whom? Why? 

So that parents or grandparents accompanying children taking part in "A kid’jouer" can also explore the city in an original and recreational manner, Troyes en Champagne Office of Tourism decided to supplement its "treasure hunt" range by creating a third booklet called "In search of the Magnificent".

This booklet follows the same route as the children's booklet. This formula enables the whole family to explore the city of Troyes together in a recreational and original manner...

Participants' task is to find "the Magnificent" and, in order to do this, they must follow a detective who leads the enquiry through Troyes picturesque, Medieval streets. Throughout the route, participants are accompanied, without knowing it by 2 pigeons (called "4-1" and "2+1"), which gives this questionnaire a humorous touch.

Comprising 46 pages, this booklet takes participants to 20 different places, while providing them with essential information concerning the city's heritage and history.

"In search of the « Magnificent" - 3 euros
Troyes Champagne Tourisme
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