Geocaching is a mixture of a high-tech treasure hunt and an orienteering course – and now you can get involved in Troyes! Armed with a hiking GPS device, criss-cross through the maze of mediaeval alleyways and little-known areas of Troyes, answer the questions and solve the puzzles. As you will learn, there are multiple treasures to be found – the beauty of the city, the joy of shared experiences and the chance to rediscover the sights and smells of your childhood. This unique experience is open to everyone, offering an unusual and rustic way to discover our city.

It's a great way for adults and kids alike to relax. You'll need to sharpen your sense of observation, use your creativity and spot every possible clue that could help you to decrypt the GPS coordinates, solve the puzzles and find the "geocaches" (boxes containing items that you can exchange and a logbook). Then simply leave a comment, place your own object in the box, and put it back again. Once you get back home, you then share your discovery with the community (known as "logging your visit").